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The FUSION Alliance Network is an elite team of "been-there, done-that" professionals, expert in virtually every discipline required to sustain a successful education and training business.

FAN members understand they will be contacted by FUSION from time to time when a client assignment requires their unique expertise. Short turnaround issues are typically resolved without fee (we provide similar services in a pro bono way to them).

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Instructional Design & Development
Alliance Member Expertise
Dave Jacob
Authority on organizing and delivering IT topics to both high tech and end user audiences.
Understands training center management, CTEC and certification conventions.
Solutions mindset. Former EDS SI exec.
Authorized WebSphere e-business solution provider
Dan Luckett
Veteran instructional design and development professional.
Adept at both technical and people skills topics.
Skilled in both media production and traditional ILT materials.
Andy Snider
Interactive multimedia learning pioneer.
Knows the fast track to translate raw subject matter expertise into engaging learning.

Knowledgeable about learning management software (LMS) and all forms of Web delivery.

Judy Steele
Outstanding writer and course developer with a gift for translating dense, technical material into user-friendly instruction.
Peter Walters
Expert in producing and manufacturing course materials on time and on budget.
Experienced in document management and in automating the P&M process.

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Sales Performance Practices
Alliance Member Expertise
Jim Burt
Authority on sales compensation and incentive practices.
Has 25 years of E&T industry experience in sales management, marketing, general management and executive search.
Larry Casey
Telemarketing authority familiar with call center design and setup.
Broad knowledge about telemarketing strategy, management practices, productivity standards and systems needs.
John Hoskins
Excellent resource on strategic alliances and sales management practices, including territory alignment and opportunity management.
Has 20 years E&T experience in sales, marketing and GM roles.
Sheri Lowers
Highly knowledgeable mailing list maven.
Knows the best high-tech, HR and management lists to mail for virtually any training offering.

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Advanced Marketing Disciplines
Alliance Member Expertise
Maria Donnelly
Training industry market research specialist.
Knows the field and the players.
Skilled at obtaining customer feedback and competitive info.
Bob Jones
Legendary direct response copywriter and strategist.
Knows how to draw orders for all kinds of learning products and services. Also great at lead generation.
Gifted at appealing to both HR and senior exec audiences.
Dick Jones
World class graphic designer with extensive advertising, sales promotion and corporate identity credentials.
Many awards. Former NY ad agency creative VP.
Deborah Pine
Sophisticated database marketer with a back room of SAS statistical modeling software.
Knows how to cultivate a customer file to increase revenue and retention.
Previous training industry experience.
Trynka Shineman
eCommerce marketing executive and thought leader.
Accomplished at translating an online presence into revenue generation.
Expert in search optimization, email marketing and all forms of digital advertising.
Marsha Wilcox
Gifted market research strategist and designer.
Offers branding, competitive differentiation, new product selection experience on both corporate and agency side.
Multiple PhDs. Affinity for training and education field.
Julie Wolpers
Virtuoso Website developer and strategist proficient in all major authoring systems.
Gifted graphics and design skills.
Accomplished at building Web communities.

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Planning and Operations
Alliance Member Expertise
Jeff Freeman
Helps companies think strategically in sync with evolving market needs.
Excellent facilitator and change agent.
Previous executive-level E&T experience.
Nancy Germain
Authority on enrollment and registration systems, management reporting systems, and back office quality assurance.
Astute in translating user requirements into achievable systems plans.
George Landgrebe
Skilled in setting up closed loop performance management systems.
Gifted at "fixing" businesses and leading them through changes in ownership and strategic direction.
Former information publishing industry CEO.
Dick Lucier
Expert in setting up overseas operations and negotiating international distribution agreements.
Understands the ins and outs of dealing with local labor authorities, getting courses translated and protecting intellectual property in far-off geographies.
Feet-on-the-ground leadership experience in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.
John Shack
Make-it-happen legal professional with 20 years of training industry experience.
Knows intellectual property, courseware licensing, contracts & agreements, GSA, ATEC ins and outs, etc.

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