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Five Reasons Why Customer Education Assignments Can Seem Like 'Mission Impossible'

  1. Breakneck Product Cycle
    Somehow you need to keep your course content current – even when you’re bushwhacked by last minute software version changes. All the more challenging now that you're developing for both Web based and instructor led delivery formats.

  2. Sales Apathy
    You are at the mercy of a sales organization that is focused almost 100% on core HW and SW product sales. Yet year in and year out you are tasked to achieve stretch revenue goals.

  3. Unreasonable Expectations
    Quality and customer satisfaction expectations require you to provide a uniformly excellent learning experience to students who come to you with vastly different backgrounds and expectations. And satisfy the higher-ups who sent them, as well.

  4. Conflicting Goals
    You must balance leveraging education in the strategic interests of your corporation – with delivering on short-term revenue and profit goals.

  5. Minimal Appreciation
    You are challenged with communicating upward the achievements and needs of a business top management doesn’t understand and can’t find the time to learn.



68 Questions of Concern to Every Computer Industry Executive with Customer Education Responsibility

How Many Can You Confidently Answer?

Download our Self-Scoring Readiness Audit (Adobe PDF format) to see where you stand in having the answers you need to run a best-in-class customer education business. Evaluate yourself on each question relative to:

  1. How confident you are you have the answer.
  2. How important having the answer is to your success.

If you're betting your business on having a few of the answers, but aren't confident you do, why not contact FUSION for a preliminary no-obligation consultation.

We're the first computer industry consulting resource to focus on the marketing and business development needs of IT customer education organizations and the executives who lead them.

By the way, don’t lose any sleep if you draw a blank here and there. As James Thurber once said: "It’s better to know some of the questions than all of the answers!"


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