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AnswerPlan Components

Training Business E-Visory
Monthly advice for training company executives seeking to identify breakthrough new products, penetrate lucrative new markets, build brand identity, and leverage selling and marketing initiatives for maximum effect. Also, how to avoid "bet-the-business" mistakes.

Dial-Up Answer Support
Now there’s a Help Desk for education and training company executives. Simply contact FUSION via e-mail or telephone for timely support by FUSION principal Ed Shineman and the FUSION Alliance Network (FAN). Where possible, answers will be provided immediately - 80% of all questions will be addressed within two working days.

Regularly Scheduled
Phone Briefings

Our opportunity to update you on breaking news and trends in the industry pertaining to your business interests. And your opportunity to update us on your priorities and plans.

Fax-Back Plan
and Promotion Review

Fax or FedEx FUSION a first pass at your business plans or proposed advertising and promotion campaigns. We’ll reply ASAP with an expert assessment based upon our 30 years of training industry experience.

Downloadable Diagnostic
and Planning Tools

FUSION has templates to help you benchmark business efficiencies, assess sales staffing requirements, architect volume purchase plans, model catalog frequency and circulation, structure operating plans, and much more.

On-Site Project Support
While AnswerPlans are organized around the cost-saving convenience of the Net and telephone, we’ve also provided a money-saving link to our more traditional consulting services. Consider taking advantage of this for roll-up-the sleeves project support and issues requiring an on-site presence.


FUSION AnswerPlans™ — a Dial-Up Consulting Alternative

Suppose you could engage a consulting resource who'd be there not just for the occasional "bet the business" project, but for your everyday needs for information and decision support. What's more, suppose tapping into this ongoing support was as quick and easy as dialing a phone or sending e-mail -- and that you didn't have to spend a king's ransom to retain it.

That's the rationale behind our FUSION AnswerPlan subscription services -- a new way of providing ongoing consulting support that takes advantage of the speed, immediacy and cost effectiveness of today's voice and data communications technologies.

AnswerPlans are ideal for smaller companies that can't afford project-level consulting help. And for larger companies that want ongoing help with the perplexing questions and decisions that occur every day in running an education and training business.

Two levels of service are currently available and are described below. Contact us for full particulars and to discuss whether one plan or another is suitable for you.

Plan Component

Level of Service

AnswerPlan™ Basic

AnswerPlan™ Plus

Training Business E-Visory™

- Delivered 1x/month across your enterprise to unlimited subscribers of your choice.
- Unlimited password access to TBE archives.
- Same as Basic Plan.

Dial-Up Answer Support

- Unlimited answer support for one (1) designated user over 12- month subscription term.
- Surcharge for additional users.
- Unlimited answer support for up to six (6) users.
- Surcharge for additional users.

Regularly Scheduled Phone Briefings

- Quarterly over the subscription term.
- Monthly with subscription sponsor over the subscription term.

Fax-Back Plan & Promotion Review

- Up to 6 submissions over 12-month subscription term.
- Surcharge for additional submissions.
- Up to 12 submissions.
- Surcharge for additional submissions.

Diagnostic & Planning Tools

- Enterprise download license for all available tools over life of subscription
- Same as Basic Plan.

On-Site Project Support

- 10% savings on standard billing rate.
- Three (3) days included in subscription fee.
- Additional days available at 20% savings on standard billing rate.

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