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Links to ASTD, ISA, CompTIA, CEdMA, ISPI, The eLearning Guild and other training industry associations.

The American Society for Training and Development - The ASTD is the world's largest association of training industry professionals, with 70,000 members representing more than 100 countries. Local chapter meetings offer a low key opportunity for suppliers to get to know the needs of HRD people first hand. The International ASTD Conference and Expo every May is an excellent networking opportunity. Many additional member services.

Instructional Systems Association - The ISA is open to all companies that offer training-related products and services. Their stated mission is: "to enhance the development and success of member firms; improve members’ capability to serve their clients; and expand the influence of the instructional systems industry." Professional development conferences are offered for both business owners and marketing staff. In addition, the ISA publishes an annual composite financial survey that lets members know where they stand regarding line item spending, revenue growth, profitability and compensation practices.

CompTIA - The CompTIA education and training community represents professionals and companies involved in the IT training world, and is active in defining learning standards, establishing best practices, promoting professional development and influencing legislation. The CompTIA TL Group is well known for it's "Strategies" conferences that bring together commercial training providers, corporate training managers, IT instructors, and government officials.

The Computer Education Management Association - CEdMA is made up of individuals who manage training businesses within computer hardware and software companies. Its goal is to provide a forum where members can discuss critical training and business issues. Both national and local events are offered. Get-togethers are characterized by a high degree of collaboration and sharing.

The International Society for Performance Improvement - The ISPI is a leading international association dedicated to improving human productivity and performance in the workplace. In addition to its popular annual conference, the ISPI also reaches out to members via educational institutes, book and periodical publishing and research studies.

The eLearning Guild - The Guild is a member-driven Community of Practice where e-Learning design, development and management professionals can focus on their own professional development, enhance their peer network, and identify resources for ensuring that their organizations' e-Learning projects are successful. Offers conferences, original research and member career services.


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